Book Update -The Hero, The Sword, and the Dragons

I’ve had this book for quite some time and finally got around to reading it. There are two reasons for that 1) this title got buried in my massive collection of books and 2) I recently got the omnibus edition that has the entire collection of 10 books of The Chronicles of Dragon (series 1). I’m glad I finally got around to reading this book by Craig Halloran. It makes me feel better about having purchased the entire first series.

After reading The Hero, The Sword, and The Dragons I can say that while this series is nothing groundbreaking within the fantasy realm it has a well thought out storyline. Right from the very beginning the reader is thrown into the action as the main character, Nath Dragon, makes his escape from some bloodthirsty Orcs. The action of this story is well paced while still giving enough background and character development. Not to mention dragons, thugs, and evil priests.

This first book in the series has definitely whet my appetite and given me a connection to both Nath and his companion dwarf named Brenwar. I am interested to find out if Nath will truly become a hero and ultimately earn his scales to become the dragon he is meant to be. For now he must endure his human form and exile from Mountain of Doom. Will Nath take his father’s wisdom to heart or forge his own path? There must be a balance; to take a life he must also save a life or more.

As I mentioned a bit earlier in this post I’ve got the entire first series as one volume. In the interest to keeping things briefer I plan to add the books one at a time. I know there is nothing worse as a reader to see a massive wall of text. I don’t want to give you all a TLDR moment. Rather I would like to give you an idea of the books one at a time. With that being said I’m off to see what other adventures Halloran has in store for Nath in Dragon Bones and Tombstones.

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