Book Update: Golgotha

I sort of picked up this book on a whim not realizing at the time it was not just a short story, but a prequel to the Gameland series also by Saul Tanpepper. In fact I’d totally forgotten that I had the first two books of the series. I found the idea presented in this book to be interesting, but not totally original when it come to the creation of what really amounts to zombies. A government conspiracy on epic proportions.

The general premise of Golgotha was to set up the series with a backdrop for which Gameland will/is the results of. Tanpepper did in fact do exactly that with this short story. To what extent I don’t personally know since as you might have guessed I’ve not read any of the series as of yet. I can tell you one thing though and that is for a 55 page story it was engaging from beginning to end.

Golgotha is for one thing very science oriented and Tanpepper effectively makes it plausible that science could create zombies. For those of you that aren’t terribly keen on the scientific plausibility of secret government programs or military use of the science may find this book to be possibly boring. You have to understand one thing though it is basically the final words of a man who inadvertently became involved with one thing in mind; to fix what the government took and was using to their own benefit. The Omega men.

There is a bit of a twist at the end of the book which I won’t give away in the interest of not spoiling anything should you feel compelled to read Golgotha. I will say one thing the ending was fitting and I suspect leads into what really begins in the Gameland series. This book isn’t going to be heart pumping putting you on the edge of your seat. Rather it will ask you to figure out who is right, wrong, and just plain stuck in the middle of a massive conspiracy. I believe this sets the stage for an engaging series that I very much feel I could enjoy reading sometime in the near future.

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