I like to read and find the more that do so the more I feel like writing. In this case the whole point of this years blog is to write about what I am reading at any given time. On January 1st I set my reading goal for 60 books on Good Reads. That, however, is not the ultimate goal for 2018. It would definitely feel great to make that mark or go beyond it. The main purpose of this journey is ultimately share something I enjoy and hopefully inspire others along the way.

A little about me since I’ve never done so before. I think it’s about time to step up to the plate and just go for it.

  • I work at a grocery store.
  • Reading is a passion of mine.
  • I like photography (something I might randomly post about if relevant).
  • I probably drink way to much coffee.

I have to put a little disclaimer here just to be safe. Most if not everything posted is obviously my opinion regarding any of the books. That being said I try to keep things upbeat as much as possible.


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