Book Update – Solatium

Yesterday I was in the mood for a quick read before hitting up one the other books I’m still currently working my way through. I have read a couple of the short stories related to the Aurora Rhapsody series by G. S. Jennsen. So far I have actually enjoyed these origin stories of some of the characters and places within the larger story. They are fun, easy to read, and well written pieces. Due to this I’ve decided to read these before jumping all the way into the series. Testing the waters if you will and getting a better feel of what to expect. Really there is nothing to lose here considering these bite sized stories are free to get via Amazon.

In Solatium we get to meet the character Mia twelve years before the events that take place in the first novel, Starshine, and get to know some of her back story. Set in Pandora which is a lawless place filled with criminal activity. Mia who is caught in its nasty web is forced to work for a despicable drug dealer named Eli. This is a story of both revenge and Mia’s desire to be free of Eli. Given a chance the question is will she take the opportunity? Okay, now I can’t and won’t tell you the answer to that. No spoilers allowed! If you really want to know just go grab the book and find out. It’s worth the hour or so to read it.

For those of you that like sci-fi with strong female leads this is likely right up your alley. Even if you aren’t or don’t normally read stories like that I’d suggest you give it a go. Seriously, you have little to lose other that a tiny bit of time that I suspect you’ll waste on some random episode of a show on Hulu. You aren’t alone there as my current time waster there is Pawn Stars.

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