Welcome to Reading Challenge 2018. Reading is a journey for each year with new books, genres, and new authors to find. As an avid reader I enjoy finding new and interesting books to read each week. One of my renewed goals for this year is to write more consistently about the many books I intend to go through each week. It only seems fitting to share something I enjoy with other readers.

I genuinely hope that this year’s posting and books reflect growth and open-mindedness in my reading selection. This year’s selection I hope will be diverse than those of the past few years. My hope for this year, 2018, is not only to achieve my reading goal, but to expand that to my desire to bring the content and to grow as a writer beyond just the scope of books.

Thank you for coming here to this blog and more importantly, inspiring me throughout this year. I am excited about what is to come content wise and passionate about reading. My biggest desire is that you, my readers, will see that with what is added each week.