Book Update: Zombie Fallout 3

I remember just a couple of years ago I wouldn’t have even picked up a book featuring zombies. Post apocalyptic and dystopian fiction for sure since I enjoy that kind of stuff. Face it we like fiction that theorizes what the end of the world could be like whether it is a book, movies, or TV shows. If there is a conspiracy element even better! You all know it’s true. The 10 book Zombie Fallout series by Mark Tufo hits all those elements plus a couple extra making it a series I have grown to like over the last month.

As suggested by the title of this post I’ve made it through book three so far and have several more to go before finishing the series. This series is a bit different from some of the other zombie books I have read over the past year. We expect the undead wandering around looking for their next meal to show up. For mass carnage and piles of zombies littering the ground as the heroes pump them full of lead in a world burning around them. Zombie Fallout has these just as you would expect. Mark Tufo then throws things for a nice loop with a good bit of tongue-and-cheek humor and a 500-year-old  vampires hunting down the main characters with her new-found army of hungry friends.

I have begun to enjoy books like these more than I used to and plan to start the fourth book soon. Even though I desire to find out what happens to Mike, his family, BT, and of course Tommy I need a slight break from zombies. I don’t want get burned out or end looking like a zombie holding a damn cup of coffee outside of work. You laugh at that though I know, but there is some truth to that you see. Just ask any of my co-workers I look like the dead without it early in the mornings. In the mean time I have a couple of books I’d like to read to break things up a little before jumping back into Zombie Fallout 4.

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