January Bites the Dust

It’s almost hard to believe that we come to the end of the first month. One that just seemed to fly by at a break-neck pace. Going into this month my book challenge for 2017 seemed far to large with some ambitious goals of mine coupled with it. I look back at the 70 books placed on the challenge on the first of the year as I toasted it in with a glass of wine. Here we are now 31 days later and seven books in; a full 10% of it is complete. In short my goal actually feels attainable. Anyway, here’s how things stack up so far with some of the goals for this year.

The Saga of Recluse: 2/18

Zombie Fallout series: 3/7

Atomic Sea: 1/10

Other Books:

If this month is any indicator of what can be achieved I have a good feeling that it will be possible to read just as much in February. My prediction if it’s worth much is being able to add at least two more titles to the Saga of Recluse and finish off the rest of Zombie Fallout. These I know are possible with enough coffee in the mix.

I also in response to my realization that my reading list has gotten a little stale as it were and have made an additional goal to my reading challenge. That is to read at the minimum one book I would not normally in a genre that is outside my comfort zone. I think that this might be the hardest of the three for me to do, but could actually end up being the most satisfying of them.

My first book in this new goal is sort of half way in I suppose in that it still falls into sci-fi/dystopian fiction. I have selected a classic by Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451, which to my knowledge I’ve never read before. We will see how this goes from here, but at least it’s a step in the right direction. The end game with this added goal is not just attempt to diversify my genres a bit as much as to encourage my reading journey for 2017 become more that just a list of 70 book or more. I would like it to be a fulfilling literary experience that I can look back upon and say that was a damn fine selection of books at the end of December.



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