Book Update – Restless

Just by random chance I picked up this book while browsing through the slew of free items on Amazon a couple of days back. Restless is a short story that acts a bit like a prequel to Aurora Rising series. G. S. Jennsen does a good job introducing the reader to this series with this short piece. I’d say it act as a minor glimpse into the world and some of the characters. I had hoped it would be a tinny bit longer, but that’s probably just me being greedy or something of the sort.

It hasn’t been until recently that I’ve come to enjoy these space opera type of stories. I think that is partly due to the Far From Home series that I’m slowly but surely working my way through. Restless has some very well done action scenes that kept my attention and the characters that are introduced are likable even during their brief appearances. It is a short story after all.

I do intend to give the other short stories by Jennsen a go as it seems they a standalone chunks that bridge the main books of the Aurora Rising series. Finding free reads like these are well worth it if you don’t mind the fact like in Restless it is merely an introduction to the larger story and world in which the opera will take place. I am, however, considering getting the first novel, Starshine, to read sometime soon.

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