Book Update – Execution is Everything

This novella was something I found as a suggested read after getting Intent which I wrote about recently. I have to say that Execution is Everything while it is rightly considered a crime thriller it didn’t immediately seem like it. The action was pretty limited to short scenes up until about 60% of the way through. Then it got interesting.

I was expecting a spy or more heavy lean towards the crime genre. It became clear that there was a effort on Warren’s part to use a greater degree of psychology as the driving force for the development of his character Jon Kaine. There were a few times in particular that it felt like I was reading mini psychology lectures. I have to admit there were cases where it lost me for a bit. The ending of Execution is Everything made it more clear as to why Warren chose to do it that way. He used Kaine’s strength which clearly isn’t shooting crooks or beating crap out of them. He is a psychologist after all and a damn good one. His strength is using his noodle to get out of a pretty nasty situation. Pretty sure that’s the last thing I’d do if I knew I had basically ten seconds to live or not. I guess that’s what he’d call using the lizard brain – guilty as charged. It’s our base nature in dangerous situations. We’ve all been there right?

I won’t give away the ending of this story, but it was worth it if you can get past the slow start and the psyco babble at the beginning. I am interested in how Warren will continue this series in his planned future books. Will Kaine become more than a psychologist? Will become more badass? Your guess is as good as mine. I would put my chips on Kaine having to up his game beyond psychology if he wants to keep living. Execution is Everything was a good start to hopefully a series of books that progressively get better. If you are more in the market for a full on crime thriller with less psychology laced through it I’d suggest picking up a copy of Intent instead. However, I’d definitely recommend both as good reads for totally different reasons.

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