Book Update – Intent

I had heard of the author, Jeff Olah, prior to picking up Intent. Finding this short story was sort of just a random coincidence. I was more interested in grabbing the prequel to his zombie series The Dead Years. If the writing of those books is anything like this one in both quality and story building this little morsel bodes well for future reads by Olah.

The flow and action of this short story was superb. It felt like I was watching the opening scene of a Law and Order episode with a Stephen Kingesque ending. The twist of the end of this short story was nothing short of brilliant. I didn’t even see it coming. The clear progression of Travis’ intentions, the confession and more importantly the kill. All of it some how was totally satisfying.

This short story of Intent is well worth your time to read. I am glad that I grabbed this one. Hopefully Olah will continue to put out more like this. I know that murder and stories involving them are hardly a new thing. But, done well the story can stand out. How do you think shows like Law and Order lasted over a decade? We love this sort of thing even if we don’t really want to admit it! We even keep coming back for more.

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