Book Update – Far From Home

I know that I’ve mentioned this series in prior postings. Far from Home is a space drama by Tony Healey that I have been working through. I have the omnibus version that has the entire collection. However, I felt that it was better to break up the actual updates for the series by the individual books for your sake and my own. The first series was incredibly good. Definitely worth the price for the book.

I remember in the past that I wasn’t sure how I felt about female lead characters much less being the hero of the story. As I’ve gotten older and wiser this has been much less of an issue as there are many great stories with female leads. This would be particularly true with the Far from Home series. The main character, Jessica King, is totally badass when she needs to be and beautifully vulnerable at times. I felt connected to her and the crew of the Defiant throughout the entire first series.

If you haven’t picked up this series and you are a fan of space sci-fi you can’t go wrong here. There are times when this book reminded me of great shows such as Star Trek, Battle Star Galactica (the 1980s version), and Farscape. I am looking forward to see what new adventures the Defiant has in store in the second book. I suggest you grab the box set as it’s still a better deal price wise than buying each book separately. This epic adventure just down right brilliant.

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