Book Update – Dreamers

This short story by J. R. Frontera is an interesting take on space sci-fi, but ultimately not all that original. The story reminded me of the very beginning of a space sci-fi show that I watched the first season of last year called Dark Matter. Dreamers actually felt too short not giving it quite enough time to fully develop a full story arch or totally feel connected to the main character. I did, however, like the twist Frontera added to the end of the story. I have to admit that the plight that Ross found himself in made for a good tale when all said and done.

If you are looking for a quick read that you can get through during a lunch break during work Dreamers is just the thing. You also can’t argue with the price point of this book so I’d pick this one up and give it a go if you like these types of books. Personally, having some short stories now in the mix for during lunch hour is nice and will likely pick out a few more for the coming week.

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