Book Update – Zero Hour Episode 1

Zero Hour by Eamon Ambrose was a short story I picked up a couple of days ago for free on sort of a whim. To be totally honest I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect out side of it being a post-apocalyptic tale. Really, I had basically nothing to lose giving this title a shot and I do enjoy having a story I can get through quickly some evenings before an early morning rise for work.

It was clear to me that Zero Hour was Ambrose’s first book testing the waters. I was surprised at how well this piece was written. I am aware from having read this book he has continued the story with four more short stories about the same length. This little gem of a book is most definitely in my wheelhouse as it were. I love tech-thrillers with rogue machines. The world that Ambrose has begun in this first book is intriguing and I just might be willing to spend a few bucks to pick up the rest.

I must make a short side note for this post on Zero Hour. I did mention having picked this book up for free earlier. Since then this book has gone back up to 99 cents. If you happen to be part of Kindle Unlimited you can still read this book for free and the others as well.

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  1. bookloverbabbles says:

    Love the colors on the cover! And I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed the read đŸ˜€


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