Book Update – Life After Episode 14

Last year I found the Life After Series by JJ Holden and read the first half. I’m now working my way through the next half so the chances are there may be more posts about this series over the next couple weeks. Very likely actually. Right from the beginning I have enjoyed these books by Holden. I almost wished I’d gotten the entire collection as the single volume, but I’d already had most of the episodes by the time it was available. For those of you that haven’t started the Life After series I’d highly recommend spending a little extra to get all twenty at once.

Those of you that enjoy prepper and post-apocalyptic fiction will find the Life After series to be fun, engaging, and super easy to work your way through. While this series is most definitely done as a serial each episode picks right up where the last ends making it very easy to keep going without missing a beat. Some serialized books feel a bit disconnected or simply to sell more books. I appreciate how Holden wrote this series with keeping the story moving forward at a good pace. Great characters that develop more with each episode. I feel connected to both the characters and the story with each one I read. That in my mind is exceptional for a serial.

Once I finish the next two short stories on my reading list I’ll most definitely eagerly pick up episode 15 just to see if Charles and the gang can stay alive and maybe even get away from Skelton’s work camp (sort of like a WW2 concentration camp) where the prisoners are worked to death or killed because they  can’t keep working. I also wonder if Skelton will actually invade Canada with Mexico now in his back pocket.

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