Book Update – Race Wars Season 1

Last year was I think my first real taste of prepper fiction and it’s one of those genres that is what I’d say is hit or miss. Either you like it or you don’t. Some books are good and some you just wish you hadn’t read. I have seen both sides and I think that what makes one of these types of books good is their inherent need for action from the first page to the last. Beyond that the story has to have that feeling plausibility or it just runs flat. These books have to have some grounds in our world’s reality just like any fiction. Whether it’s an event that we are familiar with, rogue governments, war, and so on. I got the feeling that Ulsterman saw some of the events over the past couple of years in particular and inserted them in fictionally plausible world in Race Wars.

Race Wars Season 1 is a collection of the first six episodes which means this series is most definitely a serialized set of stories. In some cases I find it merely a ploy for an extra buck by the author and honestly don’t blame them for it if it works. In the case of prepper fiction I actually benefits from this because the stories need to move along a bit faster than a regular novel. The episodic nature in many ways allows the author to keep a faster flow to the story and still keep each segment short enough for the reader to read in many cases in a single sitting. The question here not just in Race Wars, but in general is how to keep it moving along fast enough to engage the reader and still maintain character growth. With smooth transition from episode to episode within Season 1 Ulsterman very nicely was able to accomplish both. This makes me happy since I’ve collected all the seasons written so far.

One of the great things about browsing through Amazon is finding gems in genres you might not otherwise feel compelled to read. I know for a fact I would never have tried out prepper fiction if it wasn’t randomly finding great stories by Simone Pond or J J Holden last December. If you haven’t checked out the Life After series (Holden) or Voices of the Apocalypse (Pond) I would recommend those as well as Ulsterman’s Race Wars.

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