Book Update – Reapers Run

For some time now I’ve seen a series of books on Amazon that look interesting, but a little unsure about called Plague Wars by David VanDyke. I had gotten the omnibus version that includes Reapers Run a couple weeks ago on a bit of a whim when it was on sale. I still wasn’t feeling courageous enough to start a new series with several already started. However, I picked up this book separately a few days back and for whatever reason decided to just start reading it. A combination of impulsiveness and curiosity I suspect.

I can see why VanDyke has a following for this series. So far it is very good and I stand by my 10% rule. If a book doesn’t pull me in by then I begin to doubt if it should stay in the reading rotation. This book fits the bill in this regard and I’d recommend it to any reader interested in a well written techno thrillers. I’m both curious and eager to see where this book goes from here and definitely feel less qualms about adding another collection to my reading list now.

For those of you seeking a new series to sink your teeth into I’ll definitely recommend getting the Plague Wars Tril0gy. You can’t beat the price at less than a buck for three full novels. A great deal in every sense of it considering it costs the same just to get Reapers Run on its own.

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