Book Update – Dynasty of Evil

Over past couple months I have enjoyed listening to the Darth Bane Trilogy by Drew Karpyshyn. This final book was very good and I’m glad one of my co-workers suggested this Star Wars series. In a way I wish this one was more than just the three books, but really the series was tied up nicely with a satisfactory ending in Dynasty of Evil. There were a couple of spots that were left open I think on purpose to keep the reader/listener guessing what exactly happened. So as not spoil anything I won’t say much, but the ending is very much debated as to who ultimately wins the final battle. Was it Zanna or was it Bane? Your guess is probably just as good as mine. I have an idea of who it was that survived.

For you sci-fi junkies I’d highly recommend this series by Karpyshyn even if you might not be a huge Star Wars fan. For those of you that are and have enjoyed this epic world that George Lucas introduced to the world back in 1981 will appreciate the take on the Star Wars universe that these books present. I know you are used to the Jedi taking the front seat of these stories and there are plenty of those books. Seeing the universe through the eye of the dark side is rather unique and in some ways more intriguing since it seems to me that it is often the stories we see the least of.

The main characters of these books (Bane and Zanna) are definitely evil and come across as such with their willingness to take what they want even if it means taking the lives of others to do so. What I found interesting is that even though I knew they were evil and Karpyshyn most definitely portrayed them as such you still grew to like even Bane. I am looking forward to another book similar to these soon that is also featuring the Sith and their seeming never-ending battle against the Jedi.

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