Audio Books

Many of us modern readers have ditched the old-fashioned bound books in favor of the digitalized ones. For a long time the feel, heft and smell of the traditional book was enjoyable. I still have some that inhabit a spot on the bookshelf I just couldn’t part with. They are the old friends of mine so to speak. The one problem with a book like these you can’t exactly bring them to work or out and about with you all the time. That is why I have gone digital. I can bring my entire library of books with me on my phone or Kindle without looking like some crazy guy. With a simple tap I can continue reading even during lunch at work. I guess the next logical leap is the increased availability of audio books right at our fingertips.

I dabbled some in the realm of audio books here and there finding that it wasn’t quite my thing at first. Part of that a couple of years ago the number of books available were much smaller than in today’s digital market. Some of you are old enough to remember having to switch tapes in your car or the multi-disk sets it took for even a single book. A real pain and you were sort of stuck with being in one spot just listen to the book. That is no longer the case thanks to the modern mp3 format and the iPod or our phones easily being capable of storing entire books or even multiple books at a time. Now I can take them places I never would have before and no one realizes I’m listening to a book rather than music.

I got the closing shifts at work for several months in my department. At a certain point it becomes just busy work getting stuff cleaned up and ready for the next day. With barely any customers I had to do something to stay awake other than chug an energy drink during lunch. The only way I could think of doing that was to take my mind off the nasty meat cutting saws and load up an audio book. It worked great and I was able to listen to my book of choice most nights. It wasn’t long before I was choosing to listen to books even when not at work. Now I even listen to books when going for a walk. It’s a wonderful thing to have options that are simple and portable. All I need is my phone and a pair of earbuds and I’m all set.

With many of my books from Amazon being upgradable with just a tap of a button there are more options now than ever before. Much of my library consists of books I’ve gotten for free, dirt cheap, or ones I just had to have to complete a collection. The public library system has modernized and has made the jump to offering audio books now too at no cost to us. I’ve gotten into that as well and all you need is a library card and for those of you that think that’s a pain to get are just wrong. Those are free too!

After several months now I have grown to liking audio books especially with some books that are super long or fantasy stories that I’ve found I enjoy more being narrated in some cases. I don’t have to think about how to pronounce some of the strange terms, names or places in them. Just enjoy the story while out on my walks during the week. Maybe this is just the next logical jump in our modern era of digital books I don’t know for sure as it’s still newer to me than perhaps some of you. All I know is I can have books with me wherever I go and I totally love that.

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