Its July?

I can hardly believe so much time has gone by since my last post here. Well, actually, I can the last few months have been totally packed full. So much of the past three months my free time if you can even call it that has been pretty slim. A normal day eat, sleep, work, and slip a little reading in. The hard part is never knowing what days I’ll get off from week to week. Despite that I’m well on my way to succeeding in my reading challenge for 2016. I’m hoping with a slight change at work moving to a new department there will be some more consistency schedule wise so I can pack one more thing in. Hey now don’t laugh you know how it is. I know you’re dying to have new posts to read more regularly than every 6 months.

So far for the year I’ve completed 32 books and have 6 more at various stages of being read. I don’t know about other readers, but I can never stick to just one book or even genre. A good mix of sci-fi, fantasy, and spy fiction is a balanced diet. Add in some zombies or horror in to the mix for a tasty treat.

Last year was my first real foray into the whole zombie craze and damn well got me hooked. This year’s new thing thanks to a co-worker of mine is Star Wars books. For those of you sitting back in your computer chairs in shock snap out of it. I’m sure it will hardly be the last surprise for the year.

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