It’s 2016!

Well here it is a brand new year and many more books to read. For any reader that’s no real surprise. As always, as an avid reader I enjoy a challenge so why not go big this year. In sports they often like to say go big or go home. Really, that statement just makes me laugh. Last year my original book challenge through Goodreads was pretty lowball at just 25 books which in the end of the year ended up at 71 read. This year I set it for 70 from the start.

A total number of books read is a challenge certainly. I felt that it was time to throw in an additional personal goal in with this. This year I intend to not only read a lot of books, but actually make my way through entire series of books. Some of which have sat in my digital library for quite some time. My January hit list in this area is to finish the entire Life After series by JJ Holden. Last year I got my appetite whetted and have eagerly tackled this serial. Currently, I am almost through the first season or in a more basic sense basically halfway through.

I am also working my way through two other book series of more serious page counts. That have been a joy to read through so far. The first is the Far From Home Trilogy by Tony Healey. For you sci-fi readers that love stories akin to giants in space stories such as Star trek or Battle Star Galactica. This might be right up your alley. On the totally opposite side of the spectrum lies the other series I am working my way through. From an early age I have enjoyed a fun and engaging fantasy book. The Paladins series by David Dalglish are just that.

This year I also plan to finally wade my way through the amazing world created George R. R. Martin within the Game of Throwns series. This will be a serious challenge to be sure. That may well be half the fun of it though. If possible I may also try to tackle the rest of the books in the John Milton series by Mark Dawson that I read the first two of during December. A good spy series for those of you looking for something a little more modern than Tom Clancy.

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