Book Update

It’s high time I get back to making more regular updates here on what I’m currently reading. Even with a crazy work schedule I’ve been trying to find time on a regular basis to at least work on my current reading list. One I must admit changes rather frequently throughout a typical week. Why is that? simple, I can never truly stick with one genre completely within the sci-fi world. Pretty much the only constant that rarely ever changes is my daily coffee dosage. That must be strong, black, and usually half a pot. A coffee purist you ask? Yes, that might be true, but at least I’ve gotten past the coffee snob stage.

Alright back to why I’m actually writing this post. Yup, you guessed it books. Right now I’ve got quite a few that I’m working through that I’m quite pleased with so far. Most of the time I try to very the types of books I’m reading, however, right now I’m working through a couple of space drama series. The Far from Home Trilogy by Tony Healey is fantastic. Those of you that love Star Trek, Star Wars, or Farscape will definitely find this series interesting story wise.

For those of you more interested in futuristic tech sci-fi I highly recommend a book I’m reading and nearly finished with called Heretic by David Beers. It’s the first book in the Singularity series. It reminds me of a more futuristic idea of the classic A Brave New World in some ways, but much more tech heavy dealing with AI, The Genesis, related ideas that should satisfy your inner geek.

To keep things interesting one of the changes to the reading list this week was the inclusion of something totally different that the other two books mentioned above. In fact, you might even call it a departure. Some spy fiction just felt right for some reason so I picked out a couple of books to chew on. The first one is a John Milton novella, Tarantula, by Mark Dawson. This isn’t exactly a new series or author to me since I’ve read several other books by Dawson over the past year and have enjoyed all of them so far. If you find yourself in the market for a new spy character to enjoy I would suggest getting a copy of 1000 Yards. You’ve got nothing to lose – it’s short and free to get. The second selection is something newer to me. Towards the end of last year’s reading challenge I read Fire Play by Steve P. Vincent which I enjoyed a lot. Needless to say I’ve decided to continue the Jack Emery series with The Foundation.

Well, I’d say that is pretty much it for now. It would seem I’ve got a good bit of reading to get to this week if any progress is to be made here. As always this is something that I enjoy and have since I was a kid. For me reading has always been something that I would dare say has been part of my make up. Unlike todays kids I had  basically two choices after school – play outside or read. I did both growing up. One of those has never changed and I’ll leave it up to you to figure that out.

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