May Wrap-up

May was a good reading month and I enjoyed quite a few books. My original set goal was 25 books which was set to match what I had last year. Not long after I started out on my challenge to meet and surpass last years totals it was clear that it was going to happen. Perhaps even a little sooner than originally expected. Two months in it I gave it a slight bump up to 30 books. Next thing I knew I’d passed that up between April and May. Clearly, I had underestimated things number wise as I was according to my statistics rapidly moving up in my goal to the point that it was time to bite the bullet and up the auntie again. Having passed up my first two goals I figure why not really extend it and reset my goal for the year to 50 books which is more than I’ve ever read in a single year before. Currently with a final book, A Time for Kings episode 2, by Stonewater my total books read up through the end of the month stood at 36 books for the year so far. At this rate 50 books is looking like an easy goal with half a year left still to go.

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