It’s Been Too Long!

It seems like it has been ages since I last made a post much less even had enough time to think about doing one. That has a lot to do with my current work schedule having been changed yet again. I’m finally getting used to that and hoping that it stays this way for a while. Even with these minor changes I’ve still made some time each week to feed my reading addiction. Since it has been so long since the last update of what has been read and so on it doesn’t totally make sense to do that now. It would just end up being a long boring post that you’d just skip anyway. Okay you might skip to the end anyway so I’m going to save you the trouble.

April was a busy month that sort of led to reading a number of shorter stories that I enjoyed quite a bit. Quite a few of them were from the same authors that had put their stories up for free. I of course too full advantage of this and in some cases a chance on whether they would be good or not. It’s a bit like drawing a chance card in Monopoly, however, in this instance I seemed to have gotten all the good cards staked up. For this post I think it will be easiest to just list the authors and titles below just to keep things easy to read and tidy here.

  • David Adams: Faith, Imperfect, & Magnet
  • John Kaden: The Trinket Box
  • J. Phillip Stonewater: A Time for Kings (episode 1)
  • Luaren Vasquez: Exit Ruinland (omnibus edition)

Of these reads from April I have to say my most favorite of the bunch was John Kaden’s The Trinket Box. I also enjoyed the books by David Adams and plan to eventually read the Lacuna series that these short stories belong to. Over all this was a good month of reading.

April set the stage for this month which has really been a good one so far that sort of carried on what was going there with what will be a nice list all on its own. One that will continue to grow over the last week of May. It goes without saying that there was a spike in titles added to my Goodreads that has prompted me to finally just go a head and increase my challenge total that will no doubt get passed up again soon enough. As with last months set of titles it will go without saying be needing a similar list that think will be just as long.

  • Brenden Parkins: He Who Wields the Sun
  • J. A. Konrath: Whiskey Sour
  • Jason Werbeloff: The Cryo Killer, Falling for Q46F, Solace Inc., The Solace Pill
  • Steve P. Vincent: Fireplay
  • Roger Hayden: The Decay (book 2)

My current selection that will likely get added to the list of books read by the end of the month include several titles from authors that I’ve read over the last two months and another I just took a random chance on as a suggestion via Amazon while looking at titles related to the Solace Pill. I plan to finish off episode 2 of A Time for Kings which I’m finding that I like better so far that the first one. I’m also part way through Conception by Thomas Norwood that is part of the Perfectible Animals series. The third book on my list is the final book in Roger Hayden’s Decay trilogy that I have grown to like quite a bit.



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