How is June Half Over?

I swear this month is already zipping by. The cool morning, hot afternoons, and BBQed foods all speak of summer. Not to mention I heard schools are out of session. The latter doesn’t matter too me actually considering the fact its been a long while since my last semester of classes. That genuinely feels like ages ago even though in reality 2008 is really just a distant past. A different world so to speak though running around a college campus and causing the usual fare of student high-jinx. Some of you know the feeling that evokes all too well. Just admit it those were some of your favorite days. Alright so what exactly does this have to do with June, reading, or otherwise anything important? Absolutely nothing. However, I bet you read this anyway. Just for that I might just have to go on a slight tangential story that does in fact encompass those three items. Trust me you just might enjoy it. For some of you this may bring back some memories that you have tried to forget over the years. For others of you it will bring back that same wicked smile you had when doing those crazy pranks that you got famous for. I remember one night in particular that a good friend of mine whom I won’t name for obvious reason came up with a great plan. This particular event took place on a warm night which for an April Oregon night was a little unusual. It rained the next day so it was back to normal soon enough with the added bonus of getting rid of some of the left over evidence of our prank. Alright so maybe this didn’t happen exactly in June, but the point is this is still a vivid memory for me.I don’t know about you, but the combination of free pizza, a large slingshot and large glass windows over the girls dorm made for an irresistible desire on our part to create a nice bit of abstract art on them with the said slingshot. That was a great night thanks to our student body president ordering all that pizza for what I might suggest was the worst dance party I’ve ever been too. Why I haven’t written about this before I have no idea. It feels good for some reason and those that got seconds of pizza they didn’t order via slingshot express still won’t know who really pulled that caper off. Alright enough of that fun. I might as well get back to the whole business of June and books. That’s the whole point of this blog as it were – well the books anyway and less about the month. To be honest though the last week or so I haven’t read quite as much as I had wanted to. Between getting sick and trying to work as such really took it out of me. This bug lasted nearly two weeks and I’ve still got a cough that really wants to stick around. Things are picking up though and I’ve finally got a couple more books read over the past couple days. I liked the book by Thomas Norwood, Conception Part 1, but not sure it was enough for me to want to read the rest of the story. It was a bit slow compared to much of the sci-fi I’m used to. I also have read some shorter books as well. Hellfire and SoulMatch by Drew Avera. Last night I took a chance on some stand alone books from a larger series I’d never heard of or the author for that matter. I have to say though Shelter Down and The Revival by Simone Pond were excellent reads and plan to read more of her books. I’ve got a couple more books at various stages of reading which will be saved for next time.

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