Back on Track

work has been a bit crazy for me over the last couple weeks making it a tiny bit harder up until this week. Between a slight scheduling change that has me going in earlier than even prior. That change has finally started to feel almost normal give it another week or so it will be and then it will all change again beginning of April. I just hope not too much or I’ll likely go crazy. That aside, things are almost back to where they were reading wise during my last post made. That makes me happy. Books make me happy. The only thing better would be a nice cup of hot coffee and a book during a day off.

This week I have finally finished the entire Hive series by Griffin Hayes. I really enjoyed the set of books even though I’m not the biggest zombie book fan. These books were a little bit different with the dark gritty feel that you would expect from the genre. It didn’t hit me until after I’d finished the final book, Hive 3, that there was a bit of steampunk thrown into the mix that only made the story feel more solid and more exciting. These elements along with the almost alien nature of the massive hive queen made for one hell of a final battle that I can only say will put you on the edge of your seat. I will definitely be reading more of Hayes’ books in the future with my eye set to work on the first season of Primal Shift once I’ve completed my current selection of the post-apocalyptic zombie genre. Having read the first episode and the Hive series I know what to expect in some ways.

I felt the need to mix things up a bit and throw a dash of sci-fi alien stuff into the pot. I figured that the Legend of Zero series by Sara King would be just the thing for that. So, with at in mind I selected the first book, Forging Zero, and quickly found myself looking at the rest of her books. It hardly goes without saying I’m attracted to deals when I see them. Especially when it come to books which mean Amazon is just flat-out dangerous if you ask me. I ended up picking up the entire series of the books and the prequalish side story The Moldy Dead. I finished that one already and paid for it the next day at work with a later night of reading than intended. It was totally worth it!

I have also made good progress on a couple other books over the last couple days. The first being The Rise of the Dibor by Christopher Hopper. I have finally started to get into the story and expect to finish this title very soon The other book is one that I randomly picked up based on my having read The Moldy Dead. I had never even heard of Robert Stanek before, but I have to say his After the Machine series seems intriguing  having read a bit of the first episode. I have also Out of Darkness going, but I need a break from zombies so I’ll get back into this next week. Yes, I know that’s quite a few books and all at various stages of being read, but I can only handle so much any one genre of book for so long throughout the week so I switch between then which of course make finishing them a bit slower.

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