Hive 2

The hoards of Hayes’ Zees invaded my evening while dinner cooked. The truth is this book was every bit as exciting as I have come to expect from Hayes. I remember my very first introduction to his writing in his serial called Primal Shift which I have also grown to like as well.

I am all set to take on the final book in the Hive series over the next week and find out just what sort of monster Azina has been turned into. Truth be told I’m not exactly sure where the third book will take her. But, I do expect there to be plenty of carnage and blown up Zees if it’s anything like the first two.

I have also started another book this week to sort of break up the zombie theme going on here. A little change of pace and genre seemed like a good idea. So I settled on a fantasy title called Rise of the Dibor by Christopher Hooper. Really I have no idea what to expect from this selection considering this is a new author to me.

Think that about does it for this entry. Two books finished this week seems respectable. Hopefully, this trend will something that I can keep up with so many options to enjoy from my vast collection that seems to keep growing a bit like the damn Zees from the Hive series.

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