Something a Little Crazy

After the second month of my reading challenge here is where thing stand. To be totally honest the number of books read so far have likely become a personal best so far. As of this post I stand at nine books read of the original challenge of just twenty five for the year. This has put me six books ahead of schedule so to speak or for those of you that like percentages 1/3 of my changes has been completed already. Why is this significant? Simply put last year I missed my set goal by a mere two books with a big reading increase seen through December 2014. That in a way is what has kicked started this year so far.

Now the big decision to make is do I keep to the set twenty five books and just keep going or do I extend the challenge number to a higher mark? In the end it probably doesn’t matter that much one way or the other as long as I keep reading and enjoying myself along the way. It might just be more fun to see how many more books over the original challenge it ends up as by the end of the year.

All I know is that over these last couple months I have really enjoyed reading more and reading some types of books that I have not tried to in the past. How about you find readers. Where do you stand in you quest for a reading challenge set or just a personal goal for the year?

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