The Fixer

I had high hopes for getting a good bit of reading in over last week which didn’t quite go as planned. That of course doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things considering it’s just February. Additionally, my computer that I typically use to write this blog on decided to roll over and die. On the bright side of things I did manage to finish up one of my book selections.

On busy weeks like the last one it’s nice to pull out a shorter book from my constantly growing library of digital books to choose from. I chose a book called The Fixer which I realize is part of serial which sometimes you feel isn’t worth getting the rest of just to see the end. In this case it has whetted my appetite for more the story of the character Banister and his crew. I am toying with getting the entire first season.

I also made progress on one of my zombie selections as minor as that might sound. At a third of the way through the book I am getting more into this crazy genre of fiction. In fact, some days I almost feel like one of the undead. Yesterday was one of those days and no amount of coffee seemed to do much good. It helped some though and that has to count for something. Right?

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