Free is Good

One of my favorite things to do is to find a great deal. Years ago I would frequently go to used book stores and get in trouble. You see something like getting a bargain on an item usually means that you are looking for it from the start. The problem here with books is I never left with just one. Why is this significant? This disease has only gotten worse with huge amounts of books on the digital format.

Just the other day as I was on a book scouting trip through Amazon I ended up with several new books I might never have considered reading in the past. You see there is something magical about seeing the word free next to a book. I then took a step back and tried to imagine what my digital library would have looked like if it was on a physical book shelf in a room. Well, the truth is it would have to be huge and expandable. The thought of that reminded me of the days that I spent in an actual library with the massive collection that I have accumulated over the last couple years.

The wonderful thing about this is that there are so many choices of what to read and it boils down to just deciding what I’m in the mood for. I don’t know about you, but having options is fun. With this in mind when you look at the cost of digital media and the constant increase of available titles it’s a small wonder that readers don’t feel as constrained to a more pure author loyalty as before. Personally, my book hunting has introduced me to authors I probably would never have considered before.

One of my goals this year with my reading challenge is to find and read some books that are more outside of my normal choices. There is one exception to this and that is romance novels as that might just get a little weird. I am open to suggestions if you might have some that you have read and enjoyed.

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