When Aliens Take Over

I’m sure its no real big surpirise by now that I’ve finished yet another book or that I’m working on this post with a nice cup of coffee in hand. Yesterday afternoon I finally got a chance to read long enough before falling asleep. That for me was maybe more of an accomplishment than finishing White Sands. You see I was tired enough everyone at work was saying I needed to sleep so maybe I was really a zombie at work yesterday. I certainly felt like it at times and by that before I got my hands on a cup of joe.

Its been a couple of post since I put out an update on my progress on Clean Kill in Tokyo so I suppose it probably about time. Honestly, I haven’t made much and its all because of White Sands which I found far more interesting and action packed. The big difference is while I do like a good spy like story at heart I am a sci-fi kind of guy and will gravitate to that if given a chance. Now, I’m not saying that I dislike Eisler’s book or anything, but there is just something inherently more interesting about aliens invading earth than an old spook running around a large city like a paranoid sucker with a crush he won’t admit to on his last target’s girl. That said I will eventually finish the book, but I think it may be slow going if I find more interesting things like I have been as of late.

As a sort of tie in to that above I have added another book for the week that I have intended to read for a long time by Jason Morrow whom I have read a couple of books from in the past. Out of Darkness is book one of the Starborn Saga. I happen to have all three of them in my vast and ever-growing library. I’ve never been a huge zombie book fan even though it sort of seems I’ve already read some like that this year. The thing about this one and the others they haven’t been the run of the mill undead stories which has what has kept me reading and interested in the story enough I do plan on finishing off the series in time.

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