Addicted to Zombies?

alright so earlier on this year (last month) I said that zombies and those types of books weren’t exactly my thing when it comes to reading. Dont get me wrong here I love post-apocalyptic books and dystopian fiction and in some cases the whole zombie thing stands right in the middle of those. Last year I read a couple of part one/book one portions of stories by a couple of authors that included zombies and found the flavor to be alright in moderation. A couple of weeks back the rest of the books in one particular set called Hive by Griffin went on sale. You can probably guess what happened. Yup I bought it and promptly began the second book Hive 2 which I have like so far.

To keep the zombie theme going here I am also still reading Out of Darkness which I must say is a little bit different in that the characters never out right say that the undead are zombies even though its very apparent that’s what Morrow was intending with his grey skin creatures that roam in packs out in the destroyed earth. I also like this book so far and stand to finish it later next week I think as it seems that with recent developments in life more reading time as become available.

Alright I’m sure you are asking are you reading anything right now that doesn’t have those damned undead variations of zombies? Why yes I am. Thanks for asking such a great question. I still haven’t gotten back to Clean Kill in Tokyo which stands at the 25% mark in large part due to the to books mentioned above and one short one that I picked up over the weekend that just looked like a fun read called The Fixer by Rex Carpenter which is part of a serialized story that so far I am finding myself very much looking at purchasing the entire set of.

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