Dream Chacing

Last week ended up being a little different from I had planed on with a really messed up work schedule that well cramped my style when it came to reading. Originally I had hoped to finish off two short reads and make progress on my main book last week which of course didn’t exactly happen. On the upside the random find in my occasional book digging really was quite good. Every so often I do find a fun read and Dream Chaser was just that. The idea was interesting enough to keep me reading one night far longer than I should have and paid the price for it. It was totally worth it though.

This week things are mostly back to normal and my quest to finish off at least one more of last weeks selections seems quite promising. Right now I am super close to the end of White Sands and figure if I can stay awake long enough tonight I just might be able to add it to the read list bringing my book challenge up to 7 books completed. For me this is notable since last year I struggled to even meet my goal up until the last month and a half or so to go. So far I have really enjoyed White Sands and will be jumping right into the first book of the series called Orbs. I mean seriously who doesn’t like a good book about aliens invading earth? This current makes me think of great stories I read during my youth such as War of the World  and the sci-fi trilogy that most forget about by C. S. Lewis – Out of the Silent Planet. Both were and are to this day great reads for any space sci-fi reader who wants/needs more ideas to add to their list.

I don’t know about you all but for whatever reason I find the more that I read somehow it has energized my own creativity in some ways. Not saying I’m going to write a novel over night or anything crazy like that. But, I can say the juices have started to flow again and that truly excites me. I hope that maybe it could amount to something at some point this year allowing me to produce an original story of my own even if just a short one. Got to start somewhere I think and see where that adventure might take you. Stranger things have happened and this just might be the year for that. Who knows 2015 hasn’t been at all like I had imagined it might be so far as it is.

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