There is one danger to finding deals on books or in some cases free ones. That’s sort of what happened last week which lead to a short read and finding two others that replaced books that seemed to stay stuck at the same spot for ages. Due to this I have rearranged the books that I am reading and have finding a greater enjoyment with this selection. I don’t know exactly why, but this week’s selection just feels right. I’m sure if you are an avid reader like myself you might have experienced something similar.

Last week I picked up the first book in a series and yes finished it too. I wasn’t sure if I would like this one based on it was the first book I’d seen by the author, Nick Jones, however I may have found a series worth pursuing. Downstream was an odd books and most definitely not an entirely new concept – time travel which as of late seems to be dime a dozen on Amazon. The ending so as not to give anything away was very interesting even if the idea wasn’t entirely new. It did set up very nicely for episode two which is now on my wishlist. I am looking forward to which Jones releases this next part to see where it takes the main character Joseph.

Last night as I restructured my reading list I kept Clean Kill in Tokyo in the mix as I have enjoyed that books so far and will probably read it a bit slower like I have done with some of the other longer books. As the first book of the John Rain character it will be interesting see where it goes since I do have a couple more in that series that have been collecting virtual dust in my library that seems to have a life of its own now days. Which of course leads me directly to the other books that jumped in and might have taken over this weeks selection.

The first is a short story called Dream Chasers by Logan Stark set on a futuristic dystopian Tokyo, Japan. Ironic right that two of the three on my list are set in the same city. This was purely out of happenstance mind you as I browsed the free books last night to see what random treasures showed up. I really liked the concept of the dream chaser that harvests energy from people’s dreams and a character either curious or stupid enough or both to be interested in a dangerous idea of trying it out. I don’t know how this will play out, but I have never seen anything like this which makes it all much more interesting.

The final selection is a prequel to a series that I have had on my short list for some time now. The very popular Orbs series by Nicholas Sansbury Smith. I have had the first book for quite some time – long enough I totally don’t remember when I got it though. In any case, when I saw that White Sands was just a buck and the second books as well I just couldn’t help myself and got both.

I intend to finish of Dream Chasers and White Sands off this week wich I suppose is no real surprise. The real trick is making progress on my longer selection I suspect. The main things is enjoying what you are reading which I am with this new sci-fi reload of my list. I genuinely hope you are enjoying your reads as much as I am mine.

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