General Update

This past month has been a little crazy. I’ve been working a lot particularly the past two weeks leaving little time to read. Getting extra hours is both a blessing and curse. It is hard to say no if I need a little extra to offset unintended expenses like this month. The down side was it made it much slower going getting through books compared to the last couple of months. I have a feeling it will continue some over the next three weeks or so with spring break and Easter fast approaching.

I do, however, have a couple of updates that I suspect are worth mentioning while I got the time to do it. First among them is a general site update which I suppose is rather apparent if you’ve been to the blog before. I went for a somewhat simpler and cleaner look for this year that I am much happier with. I felt that less clutter and simpler format was a much-needed feature.

The second major change I am going to make is going to be a little bit more of a transition for me personally. Something I have thought about and kept trying to put it off, but last week I realized I couldn’t do that anymore. It isn’t a departure by any means of what I want for this blog or anything of that sort. I would have to say it is more of a natural extension of what I was doing with a bit more meat on the bones as it were. I have begun to realize that in some cases that less is more and in others it may not give the books I read their fair do. In this sense I am going to open things up a bit and add a true review of them if I can. Spoiler free of course!

Lastly, I am also going to try to bring more content to the blog over all with a couple of ideas I have in mind. There are still a few details iron out with these, but I believe that it will go a long ways into pushing myself in ways that I should have years ago. I am perhaps a little nervous about where it will take me personally, but if it goes the way I have envisioned there is much to be excited about as well. I plan to start making some inroads towards that goal over the next week or so. This new road will take me places I have not gone before and hopefully give you readers something more to look forward to throughout the remaining months of 2017. All I know is this – life holds many adventures worth pursuing and in this particular one the only known is it has begun.

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