Book Update – Venatoris

I have nearly finished my pursuit of reading all of the short stories within the Aurora Rhapsody series. Just as with the other bite sized portions that G. S. Jennsen has written for this series Venatoris  yet another great example of letting us in on who and why the characters matter to the story. In this case also an event in the young Alexis Solovy and Kennedy Rossi that will shape who they are within the greater story.

This piece takes place about five years before the main storyline. Alexis and Kennedy take to the stars in an adventure of a lifetime as they race to unlock the secrets of the mysterious pulsar deep within the void of space. They must face dangers, rivals, and the lawlessness of deep space exploration. Fame and wealth are only good if you can survive.

I truly enjoyed this short story and definitely feel that Jennsen gives us a nice glimpse into the world she has created for Aurora Rhapsody. With each one of these short stories I as a reader begin to feel more connected to the characters even before reading the main books in the series. In many ways I believe that these will make it far easier to jump right into the story. However, I must mention they are in no way necessary to read prior to doing so. This is merely a personal choice and I have enjoyed it greatly. Alright, enough of this writing. I’m off to read Re/Genesis!

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