Week two selection

There’s one great thing about watching a boring TV show in the evenings. I can multi-task and by that I mean read my book and sort of watch the show when there’s something worth seeing. That’s exactly what I did during the Golden Globes Sunday night. I was able to finish off one of my selections that started before the beginning of the year that got pushed into the first week of my challenge. I really enjoyed The Settlers by Gurely and will mostly likely splurge and get the second one of the trilogy once I have pared down the remaining books from last year.

This week I plan to finish off Slow Burn by Adair which so far has kept me on my toes. Like I mentioned in the prior post I don’t read a whole lot of the zombie stuff, but this one is different enough that I will continue the series at some point this year. Considering the fact that I’m just over half way thought his book it seems like I can add it to the read category in the next couple of days.

Lately I have been reading a lot of sci-fi and thought you know its time to bring a little diversity to the mix. So what better than a spy/assassin book? I do love those types of stories too you see. In my early years of spy fiction a staple diet of Clancy and Ludlum was always on my bookshelf. This shift may be something to do with having watch a unpdated movie of Clancy’s main character Jack Ryan in the new movie Shadow Recruit. Not so bad of a thing I suppose if you think about it. Anyway, I am trying out a new series with a character I’ve never heard about until – last night really. The sad thing is I got this book over a year ago and totally forgot I had it. A Clean Kill in Tokyo by Barry Eisler made the list so hopefully it will be as good as the rating suggest.

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