Any progress is good

I had hoped to finish  two books this week. In a round about way you might say that I did so purely based on percentages. So okay like many other kindle readers maybe pages have in some ways become a non-factor when you break it down in simple terms. Instead of finishing off The Settlers today even though I could have the book stands at 75% read. Clearly, will have to wait until next week.

For whatever reason I just didn’t feel up to more space age stuff and pulled out a book and dusted off its virtual cover. I just felt in the mood for something with zombies in it. Maybe being sick might have affected that. Typically I don’t read much of that kind of book. For some reason it just felt good to do something different.  So far Zero Day: Slow Burn by Bobby Adair is pretty good. Maybe if I mixed the two books in a blender I’d get a random end of the world space zombie alien.

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