This weeks selections

As usual I have more than one book going at a time. Honestly it’s kind of hard to say if that habit is good or not, but it does keep things a little more interesting. These two books really couldn’t be more different from each other outside of one technical detail. They are both what I would call sci-fi in general terms of the genre other than that the similarities end there.

The first book is Settlers by Jason Gurley whom I found through a different series that has become a bit of a phenomenon on Amazon known as Wool. This space age read has been fun so far and expect to finish it by the end of this week. This book has made me eager to read the Great Fall series also by Gurley. Which I happen to have the entire collection of.

The second reading selection is a shorter read and suspect will get checked off the list as part of the read category within the next couple days. I have really enjoyed this first episode of Genesis Plague by Sam Best. It’s got more of a current day feel to than my other book in progress and a greater sense of the characters out on an adventure that may well challenge the world in later episodes. Just yesterday I added the rest of the three episodes of this story to my wish list that keeps getting longer it seems.

These two books seem like a great way to start off the new year. So far that has been true. Better yet has added two new authors to my ever expanding list of books to read. The truth is that I may well have more books than I can read, but that’s part of the beauty of having such a big digital library to go back to. The next set of books could end up being totally different from these. That’s fun if you ask me.

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