It all starts here

I have tried blogging in general and blogging about reading. Even tried the reviewing books on a blog. Both ended up being a bust for one reason or another. Usually, it came down to time as the main enemy of staying with it. Work seems to be biggest enemy of my reading time. Unfortunately, it’s sort of a necessary one seeing as how an income is a rather good thing. So what’s going to be so different this time? Well – pretty much every. This isn’t a blog set do reviews so much as to write about whatever I happen to be reading each week.

My goal here is to have a more fun and reader friendly blog inspired by my reading challenge that I have set up at Good Reads. Last year my desired goal was 25 books and well I got close. This year the goal looks the same with one basic difference – a new Kindle. A gift that has already jumpstarted my reading selection for this year. However, you’ll just have to wait and see what this weeks selection is.

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