February Wrap Up

It seems more fitting than ever to write about my first month back writing about books, topics related to books, and how books have influenced my outlook on life. I have met my goal this month and, well, it feels pretty damned good. The truth of the matter is last month I totally slacked – so in a way, I had to also make up some ground too. There was an upside to getting behind though that benefited me personally more so than just clacking some keys to post about books. There were a lot of first for me in the blogging realm this month that I don’t think would have happened otherwise.

Statistically speaking this was and is my best month to date. I’m not trying to brag or even remotely sound so, however, as a small-time book blogger it feels big to me. I know many of you get far more views, more likes, and lots of comments, and so and so forth. I still have a long ways to go to match that sort of success and hope to eventually arrive at that point down the road. Those of you that read, liked the posts and hit the follow button this month thank you. It means a lot to me and excites me to think about the possibilities of the month ahead.

This month even though I posted about a few books and look forward to doing so throughout March. I enjoyed reading those and putting down some thoughts regarding them. The more exciting thing for me this month was something beyond simply giving my honest opinion. One of my goals was to write more about topics beyond just books that have some meaning to me personally. I plan to keep my new Midweek Ramble and It’s Friday posts going throughout this year. Sometimes they will be about books, ideas related to books and/or stories, and just about life sometimes. I have come to realize that to do otherwise you’ll never get to know me beyond just enjoying a book review and truly wish this epiphany had come well before now.

One final thing to mention before ending this post. I wrote in a post some time back that some changes beyond the esthetic value were coming soon. To start off March one of the planned changes may occur that is something that I have wanted to do before now. Prior to this year it just wasn’t financially possible, but with better pay and budgeting on my part, I will be getting an actual domain name to better reflect many of my goals for this year. With some skin in the game not only will content keep rolling out I hope it will give the blog a more polished feel.

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