2018 Site Update

A new year means a new look. I felt that it was time for a fresh look that can complement what I want to achieve for the blog outside of making more time to write about one of the things I like to do most; reading. In order to do that it called for something a bit more eye-catching to make better use of the pictures for the books featured in the posts. I’m please with the new look and the way it functions. One of the things I do plan on this year is to hopefully get a more complete site with an upgrade once I can afford it. This will include a new domain name to in the near future that better reflects the goals I have set for 2018.

I have also updated the other pages to better reflect the new year and my desire to expand the type of content some beyond just posting about the books I’ve read and plan to read throughout 2018. I am excited about some of the ideas I have had in this regard that I will slowly begin to roll out over the next few weeks with the goal of making it something that can kick off March with a bang. The first of which is being done now and that is to have more regular content up each week. Other than that I can’t divulge what is in store for the blog other than I am excited about what is still in the infant stages of being planned.

The chief end of why I plan on expanding what I have here is that I love books. The only thing better than reading them is being able to share something that you enjoy with others. More than that, seeing others enjoy the books as well. I think that is true for most if not all of us that write about books and topics related to reading. Throughout this year I genuinely hope to inspire you to keep reading even if you don’t chose to pick up the books I post on.

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