Book Update BZRK Origins

I have to admit I was drawn into reading this book mostly due to its unusual title. I had to check it out and see what it was about. I had heard of the author Michael Grant and his series called Gone even though I hadn’t pulled the trigger and read any of the books. The same goes with many others still on my ever-growing list of books on my Kindle. To be fair I have to say BZRK Origins falls within a genre I have come to enjoy in recent years. I enjoyed this book and the premise that raises questions that we can all relate to even though the story is set in a fictional setting.

In a lot of ways this book and the ideas raised about nanotechnology aren’t really all that far removed from reality. Nor is the reality of cancer. I would be remiss to say that most if not all of us have some experience with the disease either personally through friends or family that have fought it. Grant poses the question; how far are you willing to go to cure a terrible disease like cancer? In BZRK Origin Grey McClure is determined to save his wife that is fighting to survive lung cancer. He turns to science for answers. That seems pretty normal. The creation of the biots that he hopes can target cancer cells and drop a pay-load of drugs. The trouble here is even if it is the answer it was also illegal. The creation of the biots scientifically was pretty amazing, but did McClure go to far? His creation may have grave consequences for the future of humanity.

This book was a quick read and like many origin stories it is intended to set things up for BZRK and the series. The ethical questions and scenario we find in BZRK Origin are all to familiar building off human experiences that we all have faced in some sense. I have found this book not only to be an interesting exploration of human desire and experiences, but also one that questions those desires. How far are we willing to go to save the life of a loved one? Are we like Dr. McClure willing to go to an extreme? A pretty personal question I know. I believe every life is a precious thing and, yes, worth saving. I have often wondered how far I would go to save someone I loved dearly. A question I have no true answer to that I suspects can only be determined by going through something as life altering as cancer can be. No matter were you stand on this issue BZRK Origin was a great book and sets the stage well for the other books in the series.

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