Book Update – Dragon Bones and Tombstones

One of the best things about having a day off now and then is having some free time to do things you enjoy. Am I right or am I right. I think you would agree with that whole heartedly. Yesterday was perhaps the nicest day off I’ve had in a while. No where I had to be. No where I had to go. A true day off is such a nice thing. I will admit this much work did try to get me to come in on my day off. I gave them one of my days off last week. Two weeks in a row? forget about it! I had things to do on a beautiful sunny day. Can it get much better than good coffee, a nice walk, working in the garden and a fun book? I think not. Okay, maybe add in a delectable doughnut from the new and very dangerous shop that opened up downtown a couple of months back. Oh, how good a maple and bacon doughnut tastes with a steaming hot cup of joe. Maybe next week.

My latest book to get finished was Dragon Bones and Tombstones by Craig Halloran. This is the second book in the Chronicles of Dragon (series 1) which is ten books strong. I am really enjoying this series. Book two carries right on where The Hero, Swords and Dragons left off story wise. Which of course means this series has to be read in order of how they were published. That is true with most long running fantasy series or in this case multiple series within the same world.

Dragon Bones and Tombstones moves the adventures of Nath Dragon and Brenwar forward in their mission to save the dragons. In some sense Nath doesn’t really have the option not too if he wants to redeem himself after one of the major events in the first book. As you would suspect this is no easy task. There are many dangers they must confront. Goblins, ghouls, a cursed elf king, an evil necromancer named Corzan and a very angry dragon. They attempt to find a relic called a Thunderstone in order to save one dragon. The irony for Nath is both simple and yet very difficult for him personally. Can he pull it off without causing too much death? After all that’s how he got the damned black dragon arm.

In his quest to save the dragons from poachers there is more at stake than just trying to reverse his cursed arm. Nath has become a target for a more sinister plot that we begin to really see being set in motion. Halloran skillfully weaves this in the further you get into the story. The Clerics of Barnabas as you might well guess aren’t exactly receptive to Nath hurting their business in capturing dragons. What is their plan? Simple, kill Nath.

This fast paced fantasy adventure hits all the notes I’ve been looking for in a new series to sink my teeth into. I am very much looking forward to starting the third book soon. I have begun find myself growing to like both Nath and Brenwar the further I get into the books as their story is being unfolded. I have just recently acquired all the books in the second series as well. I think this series in total will take me a while to read through.

As much as I would like to just jump right in and begin book three of Chronicles of Dragon I’ve got another book, Genesis Conspiracy, that needs to be dealt with first. Alight, while I might not have that desired maple and bacon donut I think I’ll settle for some chocolate cake, coffee and a book this evening. I know you are sitting there asking got any left? sorry, no cake for you. Just a suggestion give Chronicles of Dragon a go. The first book is free to get. Almost as good as cake right?

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