Book Update – Atomic Sea: Volume 1

In an effort to finish off a number of books I stared near the end of last year this happens to be one of such. I have to admit with this particular read I really had no real expectation of how I would like it or if I would before picking Atomic Sea: Volume 1. However, I do have to say that such may actually have played a part in the choice to read outside of the fact that my digital library contains most of the books in the series that I’ve collected over the last year or so. Atomic Sea is a blend of fantasy and sci-fi with a mild undertone of steampunk influences. Jack Conner does a good job blending all of these into a solid and intriguing adventure story.

While this isn’t a review of the book or anything of the sort there are a couple of things that I would like to mention about Atomic Sea. First, this is a series that is ten books strong and as with many growing series it will leave you with questions near the end of it. Secondly, it is most definitely written with a mature audience in mind. Conner includes things such as sex  (in a couple of cases it is a bit graphic), some references to drugs and alcohol, and the use of profanity here and there throughout. As I suggested this is a series geared towards adult readers and if you can get past these or don’t mind it too much it is a book worth reading.

That being said – I enjoyed the book and plan on continuing to read through the series throughout this year. I would like to see where the plot and story lead. Will Dr. Avery save the world, end a war, or just end up as a drunken criminal? Your guess is probably just as good as mine at this point. Conner has definitely created a series that while admittedly I wouldn’t have originally figured to read or find interesting in the end it was. The last genre mash-up I read left me wanting, but Atomic Sea has piqued my interest enough to continue on. I have another long-standing book from The Far From Home trilogy by Tony Healey to deal with from last year before I read Volume 2 which is now on my to-read list for sure. I just have to find out what happens to the Doc!

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