Book Update – Purgatory

I had hoped to write about this book before now, but the past few weeks have been a little crazy on the work front. The truth is that I haven’t had much extra time to even read all that much. I hope that with what looks like a more settled work set up I’ll get a little extra time to read. Then again one never really knows how that will play out when dealing with retail and the holidays looming out there in the near future. It’s likely I’ll have no life after Halloween. That’s the norm.

Even with the crazy scheduling I was able to enjoy a couple short reads when I wasn’t dozing of or just down right out of it. Purgatory by Anthony Vicino was one of those that I found not only as a good read – it was also an interesting take on sci-fi. This is one of those books were you have to be on your toes as it were. It bounces back and forth between reality and dream world. In some cases they even meld a little bit so you aren’t entirely sure which is which. Normally, I would dislike this sort of thing, but Vicino does a good job weaving the plot through both sides as they merge into a climatic ending for poor Jarek. Who must save the world by committing a crime which sends him into a limbo state or purgatory if you will.

For those of you looking for a good short read that you can enjoy in a day or so of reading time I would definitely recommend Purgatory. Plus, you really can’t argue with the price for this book. Well I suppose you actually could, but it would be a moot point considering it’s free. I figured taking a chance on this one was worth it and wasn’t disappointed with this one.

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