Book Update – In For The Kill

Finally getting to post something new in regards to new books read. Over the past week things have been a little wacky with work. Plus, a nasty blister making typing rather painful and awkward. Lesson learned be sure to bring my gloves to work even if I think I won’t need them. Those two things of course didn’t stop me from reading when I had the chance between shifts. As usual I would be amiss not to mention that In For The Kill by Mark J. Newman was a little something that I found after reading one of my other recent crime thriller books.

I have to say that a good crime thriller is always fun if there is a good cast of characters and a twist at the end. Lately I have found that some of the shorter novella length crime thrillers have done a very good job at both of those thing while keeping the action going at a steady pace. In For The Kill delivered on all three making for an excellent read from start to finish. Newman also made this story unique in that none of the characters could technically be considered “the good guy” due to the fact that all of them were criminals in some manner. Some of them were just far more bad than the others making them the threats that drove the storyline of this book.

Overall I enjoyed  this book and have already picked up the next one to read at some point this year. In For The Kill left room for more to take place among the rival crime syndicates which I hope Newman will continue to build upon in the next book. If you are in the market for a good short read I definitely would recommend grabbing this book. You can’t go wrong with the price point of this novella. For less than a dollar I was a happy reader. I should mention right now the second book, Violence In The Blood, is up for grabs for free. I doubt that will last long.

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