Book Updates

Well here we are at the end of yet another week with only a few changes and more books than I probably can hope to read in my digital library. I’m okay with that even if it means too many choices later on when it comes to choosing books to read during the rest of the year. What does matter here is that I’m making progress through my current list – for now. With some changes at work it seems my afternoons are mostly free to get things done again. Such as reading and more frequent ramblings here.

This past week I finished off the Mark Dawson novella, Tarantula, which I must say had a totally typical ending for a John Milton story. Total mayhem, explosions and bad people gunned down. This time around Milton didn’t get the girl, but then again he’s not exactly the suave 007 type. He’s a killer pure and simple and Milton is damn good at it. What counts here is that Dawson has another great book in this series that stands alone story wise. Much like 1000 Yards there isn’t any need to have read any of the other novels to enjoy the story in any way. Definitely worth the buck I spent on the book (I got this one on sale, so the price is higher now). It’s still worth the read if you don’t mind spending a little on books.

I was also able to finish Heretic by David Beers which as I mentioned is a tech based sci-fi novel. Imagine what our most advanced AI programs are capable of today and then imagine what they’d be like in say a thousand years of existence. Seems pretty incredible knowing we probably do have some sophisticated AIs out there right now. The difference here is that the Genesis essentially rules and runs the entire world. Genesis controls everything down to even the genes people have. Sounds kind of scary in a way yet totally improbable. Then you have Caesar who is smart; maybe too smart for his own good and begins to question things. I enjoyed this book for the most part. There was a very slow build up and some periods where there seemed to be an overload of info. Really, this book is more of a setup for the story that continues on once Ceasar makes his choice to take on Genesis.

This week has been book friendly and hope that next week is as well. I plan to begin reading The Foundation Steve P. Vincent and make progress in the Far from Home series. For fun I picked up a box set of twenty-nine stories by H. P. Lovecraft. I’ve never read anything by him before and figured it was time to give it a shot. I don’t intend to get through this set quickly since really its just for a hell of it kind of thing. I don’t even know if I’ll like the stories, but hey it was free so no reason not to give something entirely new a try. At least that’s the theory I’ve got right now.

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